Tonight at Woodland Pattern Book Center!

Julia Miller & Volcano Radar


Julia Miller – electric guitar

Elbio Barilari – electric guitar/electric viola

Rollo Radford – electric bass

Ernie Adams – drums

Julia A. Miller is a sound artist, guitarist, improvisor, composer, visual artist, curator and educator. As a guitarist, Julia performs in the band Volcano Radar with Elbio Barilari, which has often included Edward Wilkerson Jr., Rollo Radford, Harrison Bankhead, Tim Davis, Lou Ciccotelli, and AvreeaylRa. Volcano Radar moves fluently through a stylistic range from noise-funk improvisation to structured sonic forms. Julia Miller has also performed in the avant electric guitar trio HKM with Mark Hardy and Reid Karris, the electroacoustic trio, Auris, with Eric Leonardson and Christopher Preissing, and the power quartet Gmleteye with Frank Abbinanti, Julian Berke, and Nick Alvarez. Julia is a founding member of the Chicago Scratch Orchestra and also a founding member of the artist collective Articular Facet. Julia is a frequent soloist and collaborator in experimental and avant garde chamber music. Poetry and the voice live at the heart of Julia’s work, and poetic documents as scores, performative objects, and new media poetics are part of Julia’s ongoing exploration into the hybridization of voice, instruments, electronics, and video to create an organic whole from one source of material (her voice).Tonight at Woodland Pattern!

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Alternating Currents Live

Though I no longer host Alternating Currents as a radio show on WMSE in Milwaukee, the concert series linked to this broadcast continues at Woodland Pattern Book Center. The series resumes on Sunday, March 29, with a performance by Julia Miller & Volcano Radar featuring Julia Miller (electric guitar), Elbio Barilari (electric guitar/electric viola), Rollo Radford (electric bass), and Ernie Adams (drums).



The balance of Alternating Currents Live Spring 2015 series continues with:

May 10: The Transatlantic Bridge #8 with Douglas R. Ewart (reeds) , Jean-Luc Cappozzo (tp, flugelhorn), Joëlle Léandre & Bernard Santacruz (b), and Michael Zerang (percussion).

June 21: Michael Zerang Project celebrating Alternating Currents Live 20th anniversary.

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Alternating Currents on the radio

Last night, December 14, was my final evening hosting Alternating Currents on WMSE 91.7FM in Milwaukee. I send my heartfelt thanks to station manger Tom Crawford, all the staff and djs at the station, and all my dedicated listeners who made this such a gratifying 22+ years on the radio. Milwaukee has an incredible cultural resource in WMSE-FM. It well deserves all of your gratitude and support.

Alternating Currents Live, the concert series that takes place at Woodland Pattern Book Center in spring and fall of each year, will continue without interruption. The series resumes in March of 2015. Stay tuned!

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December 2014

December 14: Music from Katherine Young, Amy Cimini, Tim Daisy, Zeena Parkins, Kris Davis, Nicole Mitchell, and much, much more.

December 7: Jason hosts the show.

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November 2014

November 30: Our preview of Architeuthis Walks on Land and other music by Katherine Young and Amy Cimini … along with music by Xu Fengia, Roscoe Mitchell, Zeena Parkins, the Canvas Trio, and more.

November 23: Between 6:30 and 8pm we will help celebrate the 10th anniversary of Milwaukee-based Utech Records with a premiere broadcast of their latest release. On the remainder of the show we will preview Architeuthis Walks on Land coming to Milwaukee on December 7th.

November 16: The music of Luc Ferrari along with a variety of studio-based and live electronics from Maja S. K. Ratkje, Katherine Young, Ikue Mori, and Amy Cimini.

November 9: We’ll play our recording of Escape Lane at Woodland Pattern from last Sunday, plus a preview of Architeuthis Walks on Land, our next concert on December 7th . . . all during WMSE’s Fall pledge drive! Support WMSE!!!

November 2: Jason host the show while Alternating Currents Live presents Escape Lane at Woodland Pattern Book Center.

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October 2014

October 26: Brass and strings from Paul Rutherford, George Lewis, Marquis Hill, Russ Johnson, Bill Dixon, Rob Mazurek, and more . . . along with a further preview of Escape Lane coming to Milwaukee on November 2nd.

October 19: Reeds and strings, along with our preview of Escape Lane (Denis Fournier, Jeff Parker, Marquis Hill, and Joachim Florent) coming to Woodland Pattern on November 2nd.

October 12: Strings and reeds … We’ll continue our string theme (Hear in Now, Joelle Leandre, Mary Oliver, and more) and add reeds from James Falzone, John Butcher, Rudiger Carl and more. Plus, some new music from Ikue Mori and, of course, more.

October 5: The music of Anthony Davis including new performances by the Boston Modern Orchestra Project.

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September 2014

September 28: Strings and more strings … Diedre Murray, Mary Oliver, Carlos Zingaro, Joelle Leandre, Billy Bang, LaDonna Smith, Kent Kessler, Leroy Jenkins, John Russell, Fred Hopkins, Peter Kowald, Joe Morris, Kent Carter, Mark Dresser, Mark Feldman, and more.

September 21: Remembering Tom Cora, solo and duos with guitarist/daxophonist Hans Reichel.

September 14: Music by Kyle Bruckmann and Wrack, Butch Morris, Elizabeth Harnik, and more.

September 7: New releases from James Falzone, Joe Morris, and David Rosenbloom … along with our recording of the Tomeka Reid Quartet from last Sunday at Woodland Pattern. They played one long set so we’ll divide the pieces up to play without a top of the hour interruption (45 minutes of music at 7pm and 30 minutes at 8pm).

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