February 2011

February 27: A preview of Rozanne Levine’s Chakra Tuning performing at Woodland Pattern on Sunday, March 6th at 7 p.m. Our program will include a preview of Iva Bittova’s March 19th performance with Milwaukee’s Present Music.

February 20: WMSE’s Dr. Sushi hosts the show.

February 13: By request, more music by Luc Ferrari, along with new music from Anne Lebaron and a preview of forthcoming Milwaukee performances by Iva Bittova and Rozanne Levine.

February 6: “Audio collage. Audio collage. Audio collage.” … with a nod to Henry Jacobs, i.e a little bit of everything.

About admin

Alternating Currents on WMSE (91.7FM) in Milwaukee every Sunday night from 6 until 9 p.m. is a showcase for music that experiments both with form and sound, in other words, serious creative work from artists who challenge the concepts and shapes of modern music-making. Alternating Currents is about the adventure of sound as it surveys music of 20th and 21st centuries including modern classical music, contemporary open form free jazz, electroacoustic and electronic music, and freely improvised music.
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