Tickets and reservations for Fall 2015

Woodland Pattern has posted information about our 20th anniversary concert series here.

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Our 20th Anniversary Concert Series

Alternating Currents Live – Fall 2015  and Woodland Pattern Book Center celebrate 20 years of presenting new and creative music in Milwaukee.

Sunday, September 8, 7pm:

James Falzone’s Early Music Quartet

James Falzone (clarinet)
Jason Stein (bass clarinet) 
Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello and electronics)
Frank Rosaly (drums and electronics)

James Falzone’s Early Music Quartet interprets music from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance through the filter of improvisation. This quartet, founded in 2010 for a performance at the inaugural Chicago Early Music Festival, features four of Chicago’s most intrepid improvisers all of whom have performed at Woodland Pattern in the past in an impressive variety of projects.

Sunday, November 1, 7pm:

Urs Leimgruber – soprano saxophone
Jacques Demierre – toy piano
Barre Phillips – double bass

This Milwaukee concert is part of a tour marking the 15th anniversary of the Urs Leimgruber, Jacques Demierre, Barre Phillips Trio and the 80th birthday of bassist Barre Phillips. Both Urs Leimgruber and Jacques Demierre have visited Woodland Pattern in the past. This is Barre Phillips first performance in Milwaukee though in his many decades of recording jazz and improvised music he is probably in just about everyone’s record collection and or on their turntable.

Sunday, November 8, 7pm:

In association with The Bridge – The Transatlantic Network of Creative Music

Harrison Bankhead – double bass
Benjamin Duboc – double bass
Hamid Drake – drums
Ramon Lopez – drums

Once again The Bridge – a Transatlantic Network for Creative Music unites a unique and stellar constellation of musical forces. Our good friends Harrison Bankhead and Hamid Drake return with two equally creative French improvisers: Benjamin Duboc and Ramon Lopez. Two drummers and two double basses convene to, in the words of The Bridge manifesto, “… to reinforce the links between the creative practices of distinct musical communities.”

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Sonic Communion: concert last night (May 10, 2015)







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Sonic Communion on Sunday, May 10, at 7pm!

TB1 mosaicAlternating Currents Live presents Sonic Communion [The Transatlantic Bridge #1] Sunday, May 10, 7 pm.


Douglas R. Ewart (reeds & winds)

Jean-Luc Cappozzo (trumpet & flugelhorn)

Joëlle Léandre (double bass)

Bernard Santacruz (double bass)

Michael Zerang (percussion).

“Sonic Communion (The Transatlantic Bridge) is a quintet of free spirits – living at the crossroads, seeking to liberate them – brought together by magnetic forces. On the French side, we find trumpet player Jean-Luc Cappozzo and bass players Joëlle Léandre and Bernard Santacruz. And we know that the first and the second have, notably, both performed with George Lewis. The second and the third have, notably, both played with Nicole Mitchell. The first and the third have, notably, both performed with Charles Gayle, in Denis Fournier’s quintet, and in their own quartet. On the American side, Douglas R. Ewart who, besides being an explosive visual artist, falls within the lineage of the iconoclast multi-instrumentalists of the AACM, such as Lewis and Mitchell; and Michael Zerang, who has already made his surfaces, skins, and metals resound, hiss, and squeak on the stages of Chicago and Europe. Their improvised music – that is to say, very much in/out of proportion to who they are collectively – is the adventurously passionate music of intersecting paths and chartered worlds.”    (Alexandre Pierrepont, 2015)

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Volcano Radar last night at Woodland Pattern!


Volcano Radar with Rollo Radford and Julia Miller (above) and Elio Barilari and Ernie Adams (photo below). Photos by Gina Litherland.

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Tonight at Woodland Pattern Book Center!

Julia Miller & Volcano Radar


Julia Miller – electric guitar

Elbio Barilari – electric guitar/electric viola

Rollo Radford – electric bass

Ernie Adams – drums

Julia A. Miller is a sound artist, guitarist, improvisor, composer, visual artist, curator and educator. As a guitarist, Julia performs in the band Volcano Radar with Elbio Barilari, which has often included Edward Wilkerson Jr., Rollo Radford, Harrison Bankhead, Tim Davis, Lou Ciccotelli, and AvreeaylRa. Volcano Radar moves fluently through a stylistic range from noise-funk improvisation to structured sonic forms. Julia Miller has also performed in the avant electric guitar trio HKM with Mark Hardy and Reid Karris, the electroacoustic trio, Auris, with Eric Leonardson and Christopher Preissing, and the power quartet Gmleteye with Frank Abbinanti, Julian Berke, and Nick Alvarez. Julia is a founding member of the Chicago Scratch Orchestra and also a founding member of the artist collective Articular Facet. Julia is a frequent soloist and collaborator in experimental and avant garde chamber music. Poetry and the voice live at the heart of Julia’s work, and poetic documents as scores, performative objects, and new media poetics are part of Julia’s ongoing exploration into the hybridization of voice, instruments, electronics, and video to create an organic whole from one source of material (her voice).Tonight at Woodland Pattern!

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Alternating Currents Live

Though I no longer host Alternating Currents as a radio show on WMSE in Milwaukee, the concert series linked to this broadcast continues at Woodland Pattern Book Center. The series resumes on Sunday, March 29, with a performance by Julia Miller & Volcano Radar featuring Julia Miller (electric guitar), Elbio Barilari (electric guitar/electric viola), Rollo Radford (electric bass), and Ernie Adams (drums).



The balance of Alternating Currents Live Spring 2015 series continues with:

May 10: The Transatlantic Bridge #8 with Douglas R. Ewart (reeds) , Jean-Luc Cappozzo (tp, flugelhorn), Joëlle Léandre & Bernard Santacruz (b), and Michael Zerang (percussion).

June 21: Michael Zerang Project celebrating Alternating Currents Live 20th anniversary.

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