March 2014

March 30: Conversations with Ourselves …including O.K. Rubberband (Julius Hemphill), Turkish Mambo (Lennie Tristano), N.Y.C. No Lark (Bill Evans), Machinations (Henry Brant), And on the Seventh Day Petals Fell in Petaluma (Harry Partch), ZM-F-K for four soprano saxophones overdubbed (Anthony Braxton), Changes (Robert ‘Cleve’ Pozar), Magistrate Lousvart (Robert ‘Cleve’ Pozar), selections from Roi Boye & the Gotham Minstrels (Julius Hemphill).

March 23: Kyle Bruckmann and Wrack, Evan Parker and Paul Lytton, Katherine Young, Jin Hi Kim and Gerry Hemingway … to name a few.

March 16: New releases from percussionist Gerry Hemingway and a new CD of music for solo clarinet by Karlheinz Stockhausen … plus some old favorites.

March 9: Jason hosts the show with special guests and surveys the ‘Rock in Opposition’ movement.

March 2: Marilyn Crispell, Ross Bolleter, Karlheinz Stockhasen, Pierre Boulez, Aki Takase, and more.

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February 2014

February 23: The music of Roscoe Mitchell … from 1965 (“before there was sound”) to 2013 … including “Nonaah” and “The Maze.” Here’s a great interview with Roscoe Mitchell about composing, improvising, and “Nonaah.”

February 16: New music from Tim Hodgkinson (Onsets) and a variety of ensemble music from Roscoe Mitchell, Kaija Saariaho, Evan Parker’s ElectroAcoustic Ensemble and more.

February 9: Location, location, location: work by the Seattle Phonographers Union and sound recordist Peter Cusack.

February 2: Flutes and harps, with and without electronics, featuring Anne La Berge, James Newton, Nicole Mitchell, Eberhard Blum, Anne LeBaron, Roman Haubenstock-Ramati, and more.

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January 2014

January 26: All vinyl, new and old, with music from Olivia Block, the Seatle Phonographers Union, Frank Rosaly, Mats Gustafson, Cleve Pozar, Joelle Leandre and Jon Rose, and more.

January 19: Music by Jean Barraque, Alberto Posadas, Roscoe Mitchell with Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble, Morton Feldman, Anne LeBaron, and more.

January 12: The music of Irene Schweizer including her work with the London Jazz Composers Orchestra (Radio Rondo and Theoria).

January 5: A new year begins and the temperature is dropping (to -7 degrees tomorrow morning), so let’s turn up the heat with music by Kaffe Matthews, Zeena Parkins, Ikue Mori, Ana-Maria Avram, and more.

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December 2013

December 29: A few more end of the year favorites from both new and old releases, including Nicole Mitchell, Ran Blake with Jeanne Lee, Pierre Favre, Min Xiao Fen, Al Margolis, Alvin Lucier, Katherine Young, and more. Click here for the playlist.

December 22: It appears the snow has moved east and roads are clear to the station, so … tonight on Alternating Currents, new music from Matt Turner, Alvin Lucier, the Resonance Ensemble, and some past favorites from 2013.

December 15: Music in caves (Walter Maioli, Arsenije Jovanović, Don Cherry); music from wire fences (Jon Rose) and wind harps (Mario Bertoncini); music from lumber (Timber by Michael Gordon); music from stones (Courant des Vents by Toma Gouband).

December 8: Tom Crawford hosting the show.

December 4: Percussion extravaganza, composed and improvised.

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November 2013

November 24: New releases from Minor Vices, Anthony Braxton, and more, along with a tribute to Bernard Parmegiani (1927-2013).

November 17: Along with our broadcast of The Bridge #2 performing at Woodland Pattern last Sunday, we will pay tribute to the memory of Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre (1936-2013).

November 10: Jason hosts the show while Alternating Currents Live presents The Bridge #2 featuring
Abrams + Adasiewicz + Avice + Sanz + Ra

November 3: Music by Lindsay Horner (1951-2013) and our preview of music from Joshua Abrams and Jason Adasiewicz who will perform at Woodland Pattern on November 10 as part of the transatlantic Bridge Project.

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October 2013

October 27: Our broadcast of the concert by VCDC at Woodland Pattern for Alternating Currents Live last Sunday evening.

strong>October 20: Jason hosts the show. VCDC plays at Woodland Pattern for Alternating Currents Live.

October 13: We’ll play our recording of the concert by Jacques Demierre and Vincent Barras beginning at 7pm. A new recording by VCDC will preview the concert by this quartet coming to Woodland Pattern next Sunday, October 20. We’ll also feature some music by Min Xiao Fen, Jerry Hunt, and the trio Skofest with Chris Burns, Amanda Schoofs, and Trevor Saint.

October 6: Jason hosts the show as Alternating Currents Live begins its Fall 2013 series at Woodland Pattern.

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September 2013

September 29: Music by Elizabeth Brown (for theremin), Joh Zorn (for his 60th birthday), and a brief history of sound poetry in preview of the concert by Vincent Barras and Jacques Demierre at Woodland Pattern on October 5th.

September 22: Music by Min Xiao Fen and Syvlie Courvoisier, a short introduction to sound poetry, and Ghost Trance Music by Anthony Braxton with vocalist Anne Rhodes.

September 15: Music,composed and improvised, by Sylvie Courvousier and others.

September 8: Electronic music by Brunhilde Ferrari, Clara Maida, and others … along with some new releases (for example, Cadmium Dust by the trio Skøefst) old favorites.

September 1: Joan LaBarbara performs music by Morton Feldman along with her own work and collaborations with Larry Austin and Kennith Goldsmith. Also, new recordings from Zena Parkins and Frederic Rzewski.

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